L.G. Maduro Exclusive Cigars

The original L.G. Maduro was an experimental cigar that Litto Gomez created in 2006. Litto produced about 50 boxes but was not happy with the way the cigars burned so he never planned on releasing them for sale. We managed to try a sample of one and while it was indeed a little work to keep lit, we were blown away by the incredibly rich flavor and full body. After a little convincing, Litto sold us the entire production run as an "experimental cigar" and it was an instant favorite with the staff and customers. Skip ahead to present day, Up Down has been in talks with Litto to bring the L.G. Maduro back as an exclusive cigar for us and our friends at W. Curtis Draper's in Washington D.C. Only 40 boxes were available on this second production run and they are just as good as the first batch. The best way to describe it: think Liga Privada Dirty Rat with an old, thick oily Opus X wrapper.

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